Le Jardin du Mas | The restaurant
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Provencal, mediterranean and asian inspired, the cuisine of Jardin du Mas is both traditional and modern.

In constant evolution, the menu is organized around a few must-sees while highlighting seasonal products.


Great lovers of the region, we select our ingredients from small local producers. This guarantees the freshness of the products, the seasonality of our dishes and a way of preserving the wealth of our region.


Curated by our mixologist, the cocktails of the Jardin du Mas honour seasonal fruits. The surprising associations as well as the revisited classics will offer you an original gustatory experience.

Cocktails Jardin du Mas


With nobility and freshness, the Cave du Mas oscillates between characters of small wineries and grand crus classés. From the great Bordeaux to the local rosé, via the Pays d’Oc and the Rhône Valley, our cellar will satisfy the palates of the most connoisseurs.


The menu also offers a gustative journey through a wide selection of spirits from around the world. Awaken your taste buds with our selection of old rums and introduce your palate to the rich aromas of Japanese whiskeys.