Le Jardin du Mas | Events
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The several hundered year old traditional farmhouse was once a hub for weddings of local inhabitants of the region. In an atmosphere full of love stories, the house reopens its doors to perpetuate the tradition of yesteryears. With ceremony under the ivy and dinner by the waterfall, the Provencal farmhouse is a little corner of paradise that wil create unforgettable memories for you.

Évéments privés Biot


In the heart of the French Riviera, we welcome private events of all kinds; be it baptism, a birthday party or just a simple cocktail. We also have brunches and karaoke dinners as our original services.


Located just 5 mins from Sophia Antipolis and with a parking lot in the vicinity, our establishment can host a wide array of corporate events. From seminars, study day to conferences and traditional business lunches, we offer all-inclusive packages that can also be tailor-made. We also have a back-projection room and sound equipment.

Événementiel Jardin du Mas